The Bootsauce Archive

Front row, left to right: Drew Ling,
Pere Fume, Sonny Greenwich Jr.

Bootsauce was a funk metal band formed in Montreal in 1989. Their music was a sample-heavy blend of punk and Motown-style funk, which made them stand out quite a bit from the rest of Canada's musical acts of the time. They released four studio albums, two compilation albums, and thirteen singles, before disbanding in 1996.

About the Band

Drew Ling
Read "drooling", real name Drew Thorpe
Role: Main vocals
Where is he now? Ling retired from the music industry not long after Bootsauce disbanded. Friends say he works at a music store and just wants to live a quiet life.

Pere Fume
Read "perfume", real name Perry Johnson
Role: Guitar
Where is he now? Johnson now works at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, and started a band with other employees called Exhibit A.

Sonny Greenwich Jr.
Born: 1970
Role: Guitar
Where is he now? Greenwich is super active on his Youtube channel. He produces his own music and does a ton of outdoor activities.

Al Baculis
Real name Alan Baculis Jr.
Role: Bass Guitar
Where is he now? Baculis formed his own production company, Lunched. He has collaborated with Greenwich in the years since then.

Fatboy Lalley
Real name John Lalley
Role: Drums
Where is he now? Lalley joined the Toronto band Rusty, after Bootsauce disbanded, and still tours with them. He is also a marketing manager with the Canadian Hearing Society, and started kite surfing.

Auxiliary Members

Rob Kazenel
Born: 1972
Played drums in concert, in Montreal from 1989-1990

Marc Villeneuve
Born: 1972
Played drums in concert, during 1990-1991 Canadian and European tours

Frasier Runciman
Born: 1977
Provided backing guitar, 1994 and 1995-1996


Juno Awards of 1991:

  • Most Promising Group nominee
  • Best Album Design nominee (The Brown Album)

Juno Awards of 1992:

  • Best Dance Recording winner ("Everyone's A Winner" Chocolate Movement Mix)

Juno Awards of 1993:

  • Best Album Design nominee (Bull)

Juno Awards of 1996:

  • Best Album Design nominee (Bootsauce)

The albums The Brown Album and Bull went Gold on the Canadian sales charts.

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